danBiographyDan Beaver was born in Michigan City, Indiana. At a young age curious Beaver dug through his father’s drawer to find his first harp. This landed him in a lot of trouble but allowed him to experiment with it. He then became interested in Blues music, the music of The Doors, the band Treat Her Right, and basically any band with harmonica in it. He put the harmonica on hold for awhile until actor Bruce Willis played the harmonica in commercials and inspired him. So right after high school Beaver then decided to brush up on the harmonica, thinking it would be a fun hobby and a way to attract girls. In 1990 on a trip to the Asthma doctor in Chicago, Beaver bought his own first harmonica.

Dan's first professional gig was at an African-American church along with his friend, Neil Singleton who played the guitar. After a few years of practicing and “messing around” with the harp, Beaver decided to get serious and visit blues clubs in Chicago. He participated in his first jam sessions at Rosa’s Lounge and Buddy Guy’s Legends. Dan played with guitarist Sam Good and many other musicians. He again took a short break from the harmonica and pursued acting, finding roles in a few movies, a commercial, and a television show. During this time he also worked as a bartender at a casino, before getting fired  for playing his harmonica on the job.

In 1999, Beaver went to a Blues Jam at Jim Shooze in Chicago Heights, Illinois. There he met bass player Biscuit Miller of the Lonnie Brook’s Band and musician Fernando Jones. Jones gave Beaver an opportunity to be in a play called Blue Eyed Blues. The play depicted young Caucasian blues musicians’ struggle for acceptance in the Chicago blues scene. At this time Beaver also played at the Gin Mill in Chicago with a group of musicians that later became known as Jesse and the Beaver Show. He also was a DJ there and at Hi Tops in Chicago.

In 2001 a friend introduced Beaver to guitarist John Primer. Primer hired Beaver to replace harp player Steve Bell son of blues great Carey Bell. Beaver has produced six of his own CDs titled, Good Days Bad Days, Blue Eyed Blues, Last Call The Goods, Ain't No Shame and his latest Just Right just released. 2018 will end with The EP Edition - another creative endeavor of previously unreleased music the following December. On these CDs he has played with outstanding musicians such as Sammy Fender, harmonica player Little Mac Simmons, the rhythm section of the Lonnie Brooks Band, and many Indiana musicians whom he started off his career with. Dan Beaver is proud to have had the chance to meet and play with many of the best harmonica players around. His favorites are (in no particular order): Billy Branch, Sugar Blue, Kim Wilson, Tad Robinson, James Cotton, and John Popper. He also is fond of Bass player Biscuit Miller for teaching him important performance techniques.  Dan also played with John Primer and the Real Deal Blues Band at local clubs and on the road. Playing with Primer has had a great impact on his career and taught him many things about the blues. Overall, harp player Dan Beaver finds it ironic that his fun hobby has given him a career and taken him all over the world. He hopes there are many more great opportunities down the road.

Beaver sees himself continuing his music and has gone back into acting. As an actor, he has already had the opportunity to audition for many of the tv shows and other projects filming in the Chicago area. He continues to hone his skills in class as he builds his resume - which can be seen here


Other musicians that Beaver has met and/or played with:

Anthony Gomes
Big Time Sarah
Billy Boy Arnold
Billy Branch
Billy King
Bob E. Lee
Buddy Guy
Carey Bell
Carlos Johnson
Carl Weathersbey
Charlie Love
Chico Banks
Dave "Biscuit" Miller
Dennis Grueling
Eric Foster
Gary Primich
Governor Davis
Harmonica Hines
High Noon
Hubert Sumlin
J.W. WIlliams

James Cotton
James Harmen
Jerry Portney
John Entwistle of the Who
Junior and the Ignitors
Junior Wells
Kenny Neal
Kid Ramos
Kim Wilson
Lazy Lester
"Little" Johnny Moore
Little Mac Simmons
Lindsay Alexander
Lonnie Brooks
Lurrie Bell
Magic Slim
Mark Hummel
Mathew Skoller
Maurice John Vaughn

Melvin Taylor
Michael Coleman
Nellie "Tiger" Travis
Pat Scott
Phil Guy
Pinetop Perkins
RJ Mischo
Rod Piazza
Sam Good
Sammy Fender
Sugar Blue
Tad Robinson
The Elwood Splinter's Blues Band
Tom Holland
Twist Turner
Willie Kent